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With laser, hair removal is now achievable with ALL skin types INCLUDING tanned skin. While hair removal is available on all skin types, because the laser targets the melanin(pigment) in the hair follicle, laser hair removal is not a great option on grey, light blonde & light red hair. During your free consultation Nicole will discuss with you your goals and will educate you if laser hair removal is a suitable option for you, and discuss a treatment plan.

Our laser is a powerful safe laser with the latest and best technology, because of this fewer treatments are required to achieve successful hair reduction. Our laser's unique built in cooling system makes this treatment as comfortable as possible. This laser has a larger spot size, making treatments quicker, you can achieve long-term hair reduction results.

Our laser is successful at:


• Removing hair in fewer sessions


• Treating a wider range of skin types


• Treating areas quicker and safer


• Client comfort due to its built-in coolant


• Flexibly treating large and small areas


Linea (treasure trail)    $30.00 One  /  $144.00 Six

Bikini Line                    $65.00              $312.00

Full Bikini                     $95.00              $456.00

Brazilian                       $110.00            $528.00

Thighs                          $125.00            $600.00

Lower Leg                    $125.00            $600.00

Full Leg                        $250.00            $1200.00
Toes                             $20.00              $96.00


* Payment options may be available for packages *




Our laser offers permanent hair reduction. The hair grows in phases and the laser only targets the hair that is in the growth phase. (Hair in the growth phase is connected to a blood supply). Due to the growth phases treatments are required every 4-6 weeks, and ideally 5-10 treatments are required. The laser targets the hair follicle, the hair's then shed and the follicle is absorbed into the body. Laser Hair removal is the most effective permanent hair reduction solution. Treatments are sold individually or in a package of 6 for a discounted price.

Consultations are always free

Arms                            $160.00 One  /  $770.00 Six

Half Arm                      $80.00              $385.00

Back & Shoulders        $225.00            $1080.00

Shoulders                    $95.00               $456.00

Upper Back                  $160.00            $770.00

Lower Back                  $160.00            $770.00

Chest/stomach            $220.00             $1056.00
Just Chest                   $160.00             $770.00

Areola                          $70.00               $336.00

Hands                          $45.00               $216.00

Underarms                  $50.00                $240.00

Abdomen                     $110.00             $528.00